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Setting up stake size using the POST method

on August 27 2020 at 03:19 PM


I have a quick question about the stake using the POST method. 


stake: A round number in the 1-10 range. All other values will result in 1


How can I set the unit size / stake size, or how can I use flat stakes if I use the POST method with a 3rd party source for placing bets? 


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Moderator's pick staking scale is 1-10 units. It's up to you to use a flat stake for each pick that you are submitting wether this is 1 unit or 10 units or anything in between. Where the pick comes from does not play any role in this, just use the same stake for all picks.

Thank you! If there's a balance of 1000 usd for example, and the stake unit is 1, then what does it mean exactly, what sum will the bets be placed? 


Pick staking is expressed in units and it is different from the actual bet stake that is in real money.

Pick stakes are decided by the tipster/source owner and they can be between 1 and 10 units.

Actual bet stakes are decided by the follower and they can be either flat (same amount of money regardless of units staked by the tipster) or relative to the tipster's stake.

For example consider a tipster submitting 2 picks with stakes 1 and 2 units respectively and followed by 3 bots:

Bot 1 is betting 10 EUR flat
Bot 2 is betting 10 EUR relative
Bot 3 is betting 100 EUR relative

For the first pick (1 unit), bot 1 will take 10 EUR, bot 2 will take 10 EUR (10*1) and bot 3 will take 100 EUR (100*1)

For the second pick (2 units), bot 1 will take 10 EUR, bot 2 will take 20 EUR (10*2) and bot 3 will take 200 EUR (100*2)

Thanks, that's part is clear now, so I can set these up in the Edit section of the "Followed sources".

My final question is: Do I need to request from you to add a new source to your system (an email address for example), and do I need to add this source within the bot in the Followed sources section if I use the POST method?

I get the tips on a private Telegram channel in screenshot formats from a tipster, and I hired a programmer to forward these tips in the right format to software. 


When you submit a pick to, this pick is tagged to a user. If, for example, you submit a pick by email, the system assigns the pick to the user that his registered email address matches the email's sender address. If you use the POST method, the system assigns the pick to the user that the POSTed botid belongs to.

To follow a user (source) you just need to add the corresponding source to your followed sources list in your following bots. If, for example, you are posting picks tagged to "brianxciv", your followers need to add the source "smb.brianxciv" to their followed sources list. Same if you are just following yourself.


what is post method for submit automatic pick? im not programmer


If you have no programming experience, you will need to hire a programmer and point them at:


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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