What does the option "Keep Trying Failed Orders" means ?

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    April 9, 2024 12:59 PM BST

    Can you please explain more to us what does the option on Sources "Keep Trying Failed Orders" means ?

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    April 9, 2024 6:09 PM BST

    If you enable the "Keep Trying Failed Orders" option, the bot will continuously attempt to execute orders that initially fail. This process continues while the corresponding event is still active. This option could be useful when following a source where the advised odds might not be available at the time of pick submission, but the source owner believes they represent value. With this option enabled, the bot will keep trying, and if the odds eventually drift to the advised level, the order will be successfully executed.

    Note that this option is resource-intensive and uses additional network connections. Therefore, we have only made it effective on orders targetting select bookmakers (Pinnacle and clones) where retrying has a lower cost and where parallel execution is feasible so that retrying older orders will not block newer orders. Additionally, this feature applies exclusively to pregame orders. In-play orders are always "fill-or-kill," meaning they are either executed immediately or canceled regardless of target bookmaker.

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