How can I automate external sources such as Telegram or Arb Alert services with

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    April 5, 2023 4:28 PM BST

    Any external source can be automated with To connect an external source with, you must first retrieve picks from the original source and then submit them to This process is applicable to websites, Telegram channels, Arbitrage or Value alert services, Excel files, emails, and more.


    The original picks can be submitted to with any of the pick submission methods described in "How can I submit my picks to". Programmatic methods such as emailing picks to or using the GET or POST methods of the API would be the most suitable for full automation.


    Ensure that the submitted picks adhere to's syntax rules outlined in the page Market Support. All submitted picks are distributed and executed by the following bots in under one second after submission.


    While creating such a scraper is relatively straightforward, it requires programming expertise. Users without programming knowledge may need to seek the assistance of a programmer.


    You can talk about external automation, propose sources of value, suggest techniques, and receive technical assistance for connecting external sources to the Forum Automation for External Sources.


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