How can I submit my picks to

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    April 5, 2023 3:13 PM BST offers various pick submission methods, each suited for different purposes. Manually chosen picks by humans can be conveniently submitted through the website or a PC-Bot. Automatically generated picks by computer programs should be submitted programmatically via email or using GET/POST http methods.


    1. PC-Bot Pick Submission
      For submitting picks through a PC-Bot, first download, launch, and activate it using any of your PC-Bot IDs. Click the "Submit Pick" button in the upper left corner of the bot, which will open the pick selection dialog box. Use our efficient interface to easily locate the event, market, and selections you're interested in.

    2. Website Pick Submission
      Go to the New Pick page and load your bet slip with your desired selection.

    3. Email Pick Submission
      Email your picks to, following the guidelines in "How can I submit my picks to using email?"

    4. GET/POST http Methods Pick Submission
      Send GET or POST requests to, following the directions in "How can I submit my picks to using the http POST and GET methods?"


    No matter which method you choose, picks are processed instantly, and corresponding orders are distributed to eligible following bots in under a second. Order distribution and execution results are available in real-time on the Picks and Orders page. Depending on execution outcomes, the pick may or may not be recorded in the source owner's pick records, in line with's pick verification model detailed in "How does's pick verification work?".


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