How does's pick verification work?

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    April 5, 2023 3:08 PM BST

    Unlike most pick verification platforms, verifies picks based on market and price availability at the time the bet is placed. This means a submitted pick will only be recorded if at least one following bot successfully places the corresponding bet with the same book and equal or better price. The data from the first bot that places the bet and fullfills the previous conditions will be used to record the pick on the source's records. If no bets are placed by any following bots or the taken price is lower than the advised price, the pick will not be recorded.


    This approach offers several advantages over traditional pick verification methods used by conventional platforms:


    • Complete transparency, as picks are verified automatically using actual market prices and availability and settled using official results.
    • Accurate and realistic evaluation of a source's performance, since all records and statistics are based on actual bet results, not on user submitted data.
    • Ability to submit picks with odds that might not be available at submission time but could drift to the desired level later. If the target price is never reached, bets won't be placed, and the pick simply won't be recorded.


    For users who create new sources without any followers, it is necessary to set up a bot to follow their own source in order to verify and record picks. If setting up a bot is not possible for any reason, users can contact us, and we may consider establishing a bot to follow the source using minimal stakes solely for the purpose of pick recording.


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