PICKFOLIO - Automated Betting Income (Pinnacle/PS3838)

Bet Like A Pro
All my bets will be 1/10 units. However, in the end, we might end up with 5 units on 1 game.
We are position building like a pro. For example
Early bet on over 2.5 @ 2.00
I might submit another bet on the same game for over 2.5 @ 1.98
And might add another 1/10 bet at 1.96.  
And maybe some more LIVE also.
The reason I have decided to do it like this is as follows:
1. The Kelly Criterion can not be applied to all leagues the same due to limits per bet.
So, every bet will be 1/10, but I will build positions for my followers. We might bet 3 times 1/10 units on a South Korean Basketball total.
All bets are placed on Pinnacle!

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