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ACCEPTED status for settled bets

on December 13 2020 at 03:57 PM

Hi there,

Aren't Accepted bets supposed to be marked as LOST once the manch is finished (and the bet lost)?

I currently have 52 OPEN bets (both in "My Bets" section and in my bot) but only 15 unsettled bets in the only broker I use.

I could understand it's not an immediate process, but there's a match that was played yesterday 19h and it still shows up as ACCEPTED.

Not sure whether this affects to my stats. I think they're right though.


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Bet result retrieval is an intentionally slow process as it puts a heavy load on bookmakers' websites. It can take 48 hours or even more in some cases especially if you have a long bet list. The process is also affected by stopping/closing your bot, network outages, etc. 

Hi again.

I guess this is not the same reason why there are many bets in My Bets page in status OPEN for matches played more than a week ago, right?

Why do they show up as OPEN?

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