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Not one single bet (NO COMPLAIN!!)

on December 01 2020 at 04:07 PM

Hi there,

Before saying anything, congrats. I work in software and I can see the effort. Good job!

What I'm currently doing is just a proof of concept so, at this point, earning money is not important. I set up my bot in a personal laptop and started following 5 internal tipsters aprox. All of them with the standard setup except for "10 clicks, 5 flat"

In this (only) 24h I couldn't get a single bet to be "finished". Most of the status are:

  • ODDS NOT AVAILABLE: am I being too "tight" setting 10 clicks as the max deviation?

  • WAITING (ODDS N/A): what's the difference with the previous one?

All of them ar bet365 (.es).

Anything I'm doing wrong or is this what's to be expected? :-/

Thanks a lot. Excellent job, guys!


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Please make sure that you have the correct settings for decimal and digit grouping symbols on your PC as instructed by your bot when setting up. We are including a fix for this in the next version, until then you will need to follow the instructions

WAITING (ODDS N/A) is the same as ODDS NOT AVAILABLE, but is a "waiting" order, meaning that if your minimum odds become available later, the order will be tried again. You can set this option for each source that you are following by editing the source. Note that orders in live events will never be put in a waiting state regardless of your source settings.

Thanks! Sorry, I thought I had done it, but it was in the VPC, not in the new one yell

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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