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Introducing auto sources - Automatic arb placement

on July 04 2020 at 11:09 AM

For the past years, has been offering betting automation that allows a source of picks to be followed automatically by unlimited followers.

During this time, the source of picks was in most cases a tipster that would use the's platform to distribute picks to followers instantly and have the corresponding bets placed automatically in the follower's book accounts.

Nevertheless, many users realized that a source of picks did not have to be a tipster in the traditional sense, but it could be an algorithm that could be built with any criteria that its owner wanted and simply automatically feed the generated picks into for automatic distribution.

Consequently, various apps were developed - mostly private - for a multitude of uses: automating arbitrage or value bets from arb alert services, automating telegram channels, automating bet placement for a proprietary logic or algorithm, automating web sites or emails and many more. Still, building such an app required programming knowledge or hiring a developer. This is all changing, as in the next days, we will be releasing our new feature that will allow anyone to easily build an unlimited number of automatic sources that will automatically produce picks based on user-defined criteria (usually arbs). Specifically:

- Target book: The book that the picks that will be produced by the source will be sent to.
- Reference book: The book that will be used as a reference.
- Over-round: The maximum over-round. An over-round value of 97% for example, will produce picks whose over-round when hedged with the reference side would be below 97% (anything below 100% would be an arbitrage situation).
- Sport filters that enable filtering of picks based on the sport.
- Price filters enable the filtering of picks based on their odds level.
- In-play or pregame filter to enable the filtering of picks based on their in-play status.
- Starting time filters to enable the filtering of picks based on their starting time.

Advantages include:
- Easy to use, a source takes seconds to set up and use.
- Automatic bet placement for all picks.
- Superfast price scanning. An arb is detected only a few seconds after it emerges. The corresponding pick is sent to your target book for execution 1 second later.
- Full tracking of your results so that you can measure your performance with a variety of filters.
- No invalid or non-existent arbs.
- You are only charged for your placed bets a flat 2% of your stake with a minimum of 0.1 EUR per pick. ('s bet placing fees are not included).

Currently supported books include Pinnacle, bet365, and Betfair exchange, but we are working on adding more books. Any book suggestions will be seriously considered as we intend to expand coverage very fast.

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So are you saying we can set in play stats criteria that when when met, will place my desired bet?


Yes, but in the beginning, these criteria are based mainly on comparing target odds to the reference book odds, much like a conventional arb alert service would operate.

Great news and well done, guys!

My vote for additional book support goes to TIPICO


From Angieludo said:

how do we do to start this new option?


It's currently in the last stages of testing, I will inform you the moment that it becomes available.

From tango said:



It's currently in the last stages of testing, I will inform you the moment that it becomes available.


Very good news.


We are working to add support for more books including those found in aggregate platforms like sportmarket, betinasia, etc. Feel free to make any specific book suggestions among books found in those platforms. 

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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