Email submitted picks not showing up in public source history

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    June 8, 2023 11:31 AM BST

    I have sent about 13 picks via email that were accepted and sent to my software as TomW source picks.

    5 of them were able to be bet on by my bot with real money, but none of those picks are displayed on the public source page.

    I am wondering what might be preventing this.

    Is it because the team names don't match directly?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    June 9, 2023 12:52 AM BST

    According to's pick verification model, a pick is recorded in a source's records ONLY if at least one following bot manages to successfully place the corresponding bet in the same book and with the same or better odds than the pick odds. Your bets were placed with lower odds than the quoted pick odds, so the picks were not recorded.

    The reasoning behind this is that public source records should reflect real performance of the bets placed on a source's picks, NOT on unverified prices that a source submits and may not be available and NOT on possibly lower prices that a follower is willing to accept or with prices taken on a different book. For example, we will not use Marathon bet odds to verify Pinnacle picks, and similarly we will not use accepted odds that are lower that the quoted pick odds. To further demonstrate this, consider a pick submitted Pinnacle @ 1.91 , where the best taken odds by following bots are Pinnacle @ 1.80 and Bet365 @ 1.95. We cannot record any of these prices: the original 1.91 is not available, the accepted 1.80 is lower than what source owner was aiming for and the accepted 1.95 although higher was placed in a different book.

    If you need all picks recorded regardless of taken prices, just submit picks with the odds string set to "1.00" so that any accepted bet will result in recording the pick with whatever odds the first following bot reported - since in any case they would be bigger than 1.00.

    Please see "FAQ : General Questions : How does's pick verification work?" for more info.

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    June 9, 2023 2:50 AM BST

    I like the logic behind the verification. I agree that strict verification is important so that followers really can trust the results.


    Thank you for explaining how I can get my picks verified by setting the odds to 1. I will do that.

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    June 9, 2023 5:52 AM BST

    Generally speaking, pick odds convey an important message for a pick and the logic behind the odds quoted in a source's picks should be a part of a source's description, so that folowers can configure their bots accordingly. Consider the following scenarios:

    1. Pick odds are running prices for all picks. It would be good practice to inform followers about this and to also state what the estimated value threshold is so that followers can adjust their minimum odds.
    2. Pick odds are what the source owner considers as the minimum value odds. In this case, followers should also know this so that they can configure their bots to not accept lower odds at all.
    3. Pick odds are not available at pick submission time but represent odds levels that the source owner feels that offer value in the case the price drifts later on. Followers should know that so that they both adjust minimum odds and to keep orders from that source alive instead of the default fill-or-kill.

    Of course, followers are free to configure their bots as they want even against source guidelines.

    Setting odds for all picks to 1.00 in a source is basically saying to your followers that any price they can get is value and that you are willing to record all your picks to whatever price is reported back by following bots, so please make sure that this is what you want.

    In any case, the logic behind pick verification from's side is always the same: A source's public record is the most accurate representation of what a follower would have achieved by following that source in the same book, with the recommended stakes, and not accepting any price drops. 

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