Why does my bot say "Status - waiting" instead of placing the bet?

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    June 6, 2023 9:17 AM BST

    I submitted a pick via email for my bot.

    The emailed pick was accepted extremely quickly and I got a confirmation email for that.

    The pick was received by my smartbet.io software, but instead of betting on it, it just says "status - waiting". The current available odds are above the minimum. The market is available.

    Q1: What is the software "waiting" for. How can I get it to bet on this?

    Q2: If a follower pays for my tip, but their bot does not place the bet due to no fault of their own, is there a way I can refund the pick cost?


    Thank you in advance for your support.



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    June 6, 2023 9:19 PM BST

    I believe that the full order status for those orders is "Waiting manual user input", that means that they are manual orders that require user action.

    There are 2 types of orders that can be generated for following bots when a source submit a pick:
    - Auto orders: these will be executed automatically by the bot.
    - Manual orders: these need to be processed manually. The bot owner should execute these manaully, then they can still record execution and grading results in their bot by editing the manul order (double-click on the order or highlight the order and click Edit) so they have the data for all their betting activity (auto orders, manual orders, direct orders) in the same place and can analyse their records and performance with smartbet.io analytics.

    The system may produce manual (instead of automatic) orders for a multitude of reasons, such as: The bot owner has disabled automation for the target book or for the followed source, there is no smarbet.io automation support for the target book/sport/market, unrecognized sports or markets, syntax errors, typos or not-recognized event/team/player/runner names in the submitted pick, etc. Since smartbet.io offers many different pick submission methods some of which are not structured like email or http GET/POST, a user may submit anything for a pick even random strings that cannot be used for building auto orders, but should stil be distributed to followers as manual orders.

    The purpose of manual orders is to allow utilizing smartbet.io for order distribution even for picks in unsupported sports, markets and books. Source owers, for example, can submit any kind of picks and have them securely distributed to their followers without having to use methods like email, sms, websites, etc that can be easily exploited, apply personalized discounts, etc. Followers on the other hand, receive picks instantly, can configure sound alerts, and most importantly can keep all their betting activity records both auto and manual in the same place and accesible with the same tools and filters in their "My Bets" smartbet.iop page.

    Now, specifically for the mentioned picks, the reason that they generated manual instead of auto orders is a syntax error in the "bet" string, you have "THE DRAW" but the correct string for the football moneyline draw result is "DRAW". Please see Market Support for detailed syntax rules for all supported sports and markets. Use the search or filtering funcionality in the table to locate quickly the market that you are interested in.

    Last, we do not currently offer account to account transfers or refunds, but we will consider it - thanks for the suggestion. Until then, you could apply temporary discounts to followers that you want to refund, so that they are refunded indirectly. That said, if you need to refund followers regularly, chances are that there is a structural/logical  issue with your pricing scheme and probably you need to rethink it. The part of your fees that is charged on order retrieval should represent the fee that you would charge your followers to just pass them the information, like the subscription fees that you would charge them to include them to your mailing list). It not related to the fees that you charge for automatic execution of your picks - after all what happens with orders based on your picks beyond distribution is not under your control. A follower may have disabled automation for their books or for your source, or they can even keep a 0 balance in their books so all auto orders will fail. Followers that choose to enable automation for your picks will be also charged your "order execution" fees on top of the "order retrieval" fees.

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    June 6, 2023 11:50 PM BST

    Thank you! That was it the syntax error of "The draw" instead of "draw" was stopping the bet from being placed and turning it from an auto into a manual pick. 

    It is interesting to hear that it becomes a manual bet when the syntax is incorrect.

    Is there anyway to add that information to the Smartbet pick submission confirmation email to let me know if a pick has been accepted as manual or auto?

    I have not managed to get automated pick submission from my selection producing software to smartbet setup yet, but I have managed to get my selection producing software to send telegram messages with bets that I can then copy and paste into an email and submit to Smartbet from my phone. I just need to edit the "the draw" part.

    Now I just need to find a way to get the message on Telegram to be automatically sent to Smartbet via email or GET/POST.  I have seen there is a paid plugin with WordPress that automates email sending based on telegram messages but I am still looking for a free solution. 

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    June 7, 2023 12:36 AM BST

    TomW said: Is there anyway to add that information to the Smartbet pick submission confirmation email to let me know if a pick has been accepted as manual or auto? The term manual/auto applies to orders - not to picks. The same pick may generate manual orders for followers that have chosen to disable automation for a book or source and automatic orders for others. Of course, picks in unsuported or unknown books/sports/markets or picks that miss critical information or picks with typos or syntax errors, will produce manual orders for ALL following bots regardless of follower configuration, because the system will be missing key info to formulate automatic orders, it's not a matter of follower preferences. Nevertheless, it's still the orders that are manual, not the pick.

    We are currently working on migrating from the old site and re-designing the "Picks and Orders" page that is accessible in the main horizontal menu: My Picks -> Picks and Orders. This page has detailed info for all orders that are generated for following bots for every submitted pick, including order status, order description, order type (manual/auto), odds and stake taken, result and more. So, the source owner will be able to see in real time what exactly is happening with every submitted pick, the type of order that each bot received, descritpion about the reason that a particular order failed, etc. There will also be a GET/POST method for the same function for programmatic use, so that an app can submit a Pick ID and receive up to date data for all orders on that pick. We will also include manual/auto order info in the automatic email responses - but these will miss other important order information like odds/stake taken since they would not be availabe at the moment that the email is sent, so for programmatic use it would alway be better to send a GET/POST request whenever you need to retrieve up to date info for a pick, even for picks that were submitted by other methods.

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