How can I submit my picks to using email?

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    April 4, 2023 7:52 PM BST provides an email-based interface for submitting picks. This interface can be used for both manual and automatic pick submissions, but it's particularly suitable for the latter as client apps can easily implement it. However, for automatic pick submissions, it's preferable to use the http GET or POST methods since they're faster and more reliable.

    To submit a pick via email, send an email to in plain text, following the format below:

    SPORT: [Sport associated with the pick]
    EVENT: [Event related to the pick]
    BET: [Pick's bet string]
    ODDS: [Pick's odds in decimal format]
    STAKE: [Stake for the pick in's 1-10 units scale]
    BOOK: [Bookmaker, e.g. "PINNACLE", "BET365"]
    SOURCE: [ source that the pick is submitted to]

    Make sure that the SPORT, EVENT, and BET parameters adhere to's syntax rules as described in the Market Support section. Also, keep in mind that if the sender's email address does not match the registered email address of the owner of the specified source, the pick will be rejected.

    For example, an email body would look like this:

    SPORT: Football
    EVENT: Victoria Hamburg - Osdorf
    BET: Victoria Hamburg -0.5
    ODDS: 1.83
    STAKE: 10
    BOOK: Pinnacle
    SOURCE: user>mysource

    After receiving an email, the system will send an instant reply with the processing/distribution results for the submitted pick. Depending on the results collected from the following bots, a second email may follow with details of the actual order execution data.

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