How can I manage my exposure by limiting the number of orders on the same event or market side?

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    March 31, 2023 5:37 PM BST

    Control liabilities by setting limits on the number of orders for the same event or market side using the Exposure (Max Orders) parameters.


    In "Runner" events like Horse Racing and Greyhounds, each individual runner is considered a market side. For "Head to Head" events like Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc., the market side is determined by the market type. For instance, "Over" and "Under" are market sides in a "TOTALS" market, and teams/players are market sides in an "ASIAN HANDICAP" market.


    Limits are applied on a bot level across all followed sources. Specifically for Desktop Bots, they can also be applied separately for each followed source.


    Note that due to the flexible nature of the pick submission interface, the reliability of these filters depends on factors beyond our control, such as the correct use of syntax, the use of standard team or venue names, and more. Therefore accuracy is not guaranteed.

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