What is a Direct Order?

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    March 30, 2023 10:01 PM BST

    A Direct Order is a special kind of bet order that can only be retrieved and executed by the bot that it originated from. Direct Orders are only available in Desktop Bots and they are a convenient and fast way to place a single bet with any of your active books directly from your bot without having to visit and log in to bookmaker websites. 

    Using Smartbet.io's Direct Orders has the following advantages over betting directly at a bookmaker's site:

    • Faster, more responsive, and more convenient interface for locating and placing bets. No need to log in to bookmaker websites, scroll or search, deal with slow or unresponsive pages, and handle browser timed-out sessions.
    • Ability to take the best odds among your active books, without having to manually search and compare offers.
    • Automatic tracking of all bet details and results in your Smartbet.io account, so that they can be analyzed with Smartbet.io's advanced reporting tools and filters.

    Direct Orders are charged at a lower rate than conventional standard orders. See Smartbet.io Fees for pricing details for each bookmaker.

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