Automation developments and a brief roadmap

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    February 27, 2023 10:01 AM GMT

    I'm happy to share some exciting developments happening at in the upcoming weeks and months. We are working hard to ensure that these new features are launched as soon as possible and meet our high standards of quality.

    Our primary focus is to expand automation for additional books beyond Pinnacle through our new automation system. This project has been very challenging, with many external factors beyond our control. We've recently designed and tested a completely new approach, but we did experience setbacks, missed deadlines, and countless wasted development hours. Although our new automation model addresses most of the shortcomings of our old system, it also introduced new issues that required substantial framework changes in our backend and website and created additional delays. On top of that, we also need to address pricing considerations so that the new system's use is both fair and viable in the long term, documentation, maintenance costs and procedures, interfaces for manual and programmatic pick submission, and other related areas. These challenges have added further to the complexity of the project and delayed its launch

    Here's a quick roadmap of what we have planned for the coming weeks and months:

    • Before the end of March 2023 (hopefully earlier), we will introduce automation for bet365 (selected sports and markets initially, but we plan to expand over time).
    • Before the end of April 2023, we will add web bots that you can use alongside your conventional windows bots, so you won't need PCs, VPCs, special connections, etc. Managing, configuring and monitoring your bots will be able done directly in the website.
    • Before the end of May 2023, we will introduce website pick submission, so that manual picks can be easily submitted from the website, while all other methods like email, API, will still be available for all automatic uses.

    In addition to these major developments, we're also working on expanding the functionality of our auto-sources in terms of scope of supported books, sports and market types, but also by adding new functionality like introducing odds movements in the same book as a criteria for order generation, adding functionality to our website and windows app, and many more. Our team is continuously adding new features to our website on an almost daily basis, so be sure to check back frequently for updates!

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    March 21, 2023 11:07 PM GMT

    Happy to see the project back.
    I still rememeber the good time and that fanta profit without moving a finger.
    Nice time