How are source fees calculated?

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    January 24, 2023 12:32 PM GMT

    Source fees are charges paid by followers to the source owner. The source owner determines the fee structure for each source and keeps 100% of the revenue earned.

    Fees are calculated as a percentage of the risked stake on each successfully executed order that results in a placed bet.

    The fees are deducted in real time from the follower's balance and credited to the source owner's balance.


    1.00% of stake (minimum 0.10 EUR)
    When a bet is placed with a stake of 100 EUR, the source owner will receive a fee of 1.00 EUR (1.00% of the stake). Likewise, for a 5 EUR bet, the source owner will receive the minimum fee of 0.10 EUR (as 1.00% of the stake is less than 0.10 EUR).