What is smartbet.io?

    Smartbet.io is the most advanced betting automation platform that facilitates automatic order distribution, bet placement, grading and record keeping for bets originating from a virtually unlimited variety of sources.

    • An automatic bet placement tool for following tipsters
      If you are following tipsters, you are familiar with all the overhead involved, such as the long hours waiting for picks, having to record details for each bet placed and missing out on advised odds. The smartbet.io app will automatically retrieve picks from your followed tipsters and will place the corresponding bets in fractions of a second. All bets are tracked and full stats about your performance are available online in real time. In addition to native smartbet.io tipsters, most popular picks platforms such as pyckio.com, blogabet, Betadvisor, Betaminic, Predictology and many others are supported.


    • An advanced verification and pick distribution platform for tipsters
      Contrary to conventional pick distribution methods like email, website postings, telegram, twitter, etc, picks submitted to smartbet.io are encrypted and automatically distributed to all followers instantly. Since the corresponding bets are also placed instantly, there is no room for resellers to distribute picks, as any impact on the market will have been made by legitimate followers long before a reseller has the opportunity to further forward picks. Free yourself from the constraints of scheduling sending times, issuing advance notifications. Just submit any pick on either pregame or in-play events and smartbet.io will ensure that your followers will place the corresponding bet instantly and with zero effort.


    • A unique manual bet placing tool
      Not only can you use the app to automatically place bets from tipsters that you follow, but you can also place your own bets. Bets can be located and placed in less than 1 sec without the need to login to bookmaker websites, scroll multiple pages, Ctrl-F searching, handle timedout session by having to re-login, etc. All bets placed are also tracked and complete stats are available in real time, so no need to keep separate records either.


    • A social network for players and tipsters
      Become part of a growing community of sports betting fans. Expand your user base, showcase your talent or simply meet like-minded people.


    Smartbet.io can be used by players that want to automatically follow their favorite tipsters, tipsters that are looking for an efficient and reliable method of verifying and distributing their picks to their followers or as simply a betting tool that can be used to quickly place, grade and track bet details for the user's own bets.

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