What is smartbet.io?

    Smartbet.io is the first and most advanced betting automation platform that facilitates automatic bet placement, grading, and record-keeping for picks originating from a virtually unlimited variety of sources.

    • An advanced bet placement and bet tracking system for bettors
      All bettors are familiar with the overhead involved in manually placing bets, such as navigating bookmaker websites, waiting for picks or pick alerts, recording details for each bet placed, settling and updating bet results, etc. Furthermore, mistakes and missing out on advised odds are prevalent. The smartbet.io bot will automatically monitor your followed pick sources, retrieve all relevant bet orders, place the corresponding bets, settle according to official results, and record every detail in your smartbet profile. Recorded bets, results, and stats can then be viewed and analyzed with various options and filters.

    • A secure and reliable pick distribution and verification platform for tipsters
      Contrary to conventional pick distribution methods like email, website postings, telegram, Twitter, etc., picks submitted to smartbet.io are automatically and securely distributed to authorized followers instantly. Strong encryption and the absence of emails or other transmission methods vulnerable to exploitation make it impossible for resellers to distribute picks before legitimate followers have placed their bets.

    • A fast and automatic market data scanner
      We continuously collect market data from a multitude of sources and bookmakers. Any member can use this functionality to build auto-sources of sure bets or value bets that can be followed automatically.

    • A social network for smart bettors
      Become part of a growing community of smart bettors. Discover promising sources, expand your user base, showcase your expertise, or meet like-minded people.

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