Why is my VPC slow?

    Smartbet.io's VPCs are carefully configured to offer optimal performance and reliability for most types of use. However, you may notice a delay or lag in your connection with the VPC, which becomes particularly noticeable when large portions of the VPC's screen change rapidly, like when scrolling up or down in web pages, watching a video, switching between browser tabs, etc.

    This lag is in fact caused by the speed of your own connection to the VPC. In order to insulate VPCs from their physical network interface and make them appear like regular home PCs when using a virtual or physical connection, we use a custom remote desktop protocol for connecting to a VPC which is very bandwidth-intensive. This means that when you are RDPing to your VPC you are effectively connecting to a middle server that fetches the VPC's screen and transmits it back to you, rather than using the VPC's network interface. This has the added benefit of being able to stay connected to your VPC even when the VPC's network connection is down or when the VPC is rebooting. It does however require a very fast connection on the receiver's end.

    Fortunately, there is a solution to that: You will need to get a cheap 5-10 EUR/month conventional windows VPS (virtual private server) from a provider such as contabo.com or webtropia.com, or any other VPS provider. This VPS will have a very fast network connection and will be suitable for accessing your smartbet.io VPC with no delay or lag. Then, instead of connecting directly from your home PC to your smartbet.io VPC, you would instead connect with the standard remote desktop protocol (fast) to your VPS and from there you would connect with our custom remote desktop protocol (slow) to your smartbet.io VPC. Effectively, you are mitigating the issues that are caused by the increased bandwidth requirement of our custom remote desktop protocol by using the VPS's fast connection instead of your own slow home network connection.

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