How can I submit picks? supports different pick submission methods suited for both manual picks and picks generated automatically by 3rd party applications. With the term "manual picks", we mean picks that are manually selected by a human in the "traditional" sense of a tipster. Automatically generated picks, on the other hand, are picks that are generated by 3rd party applications like an application that scans markets for value and generates accordingly picks, an algorithm that generates picks based on proprietary logic, a scraper reading external sources like websites, telegram channels, arbitrage alert services, etc.

    Submission using the website interface

    Website pick submission is suitable for manual picks.

    Website pick submission is currently under construction. Until it is complete you can use the button "Publish a pick" in the bot for submitting Pinnacle picks. For bet365 picks you can use the method described below:

    Install an English version of the Chrome browser to your PC and go to Change bet365 language to English and odds to decimal. It is not necessary to login to bet365.
    Install and start your bot.

    Now you require only 2 steps to submit a pick and the whole process takes less than 1 second:

    1. Load a selection to your slip.
    2. Save the page to the folder "savedbookpages" of the bot.

    The page can be saved by right-clicking anywhere on the pager, then selecting "Save as...", then selecting the folder that you want to save the page in.

    To make saving pages fast, you should use keyboard shortcuts:
    1. Hit Ctrl+S
    2. Locate the folder "savedbookpages"
    3. Hit Enter

    The first time it will take more time because you will need to manually locate the folder "savedbookpages" in step 2 before hitting Enter in step 3. But after the first save, the browser will remember the folder, so only steps 1 and 3 are needed. Make sure that the "type" of save is "complete webpage".


    Submission using the POST method

    The POST method is the recommended method for automatically generated picks. Your application should use the HTTP POST method to send the generated picks to For a detailed description of the POST method please see


    Submission using the EMAIL method

    The EMAIL method is suitable for automatically generated picks. It is advised that newer applications use the POST method, as it is both faster and more reliable. For a detailed description of the EMAIL method please see


    Regardless of the method used, received picks are instantly processed and the corresponding orders are distributed to the following bots according to the source owner's settings. Order execution results by following bots are available in real-time in picks & orders. Depending on the order execution results the pick may or may not be recorded in the source owner's pick records, in accordance with's pick verification model which is described in

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