How can I submit picks with the POST method?

    The POST method is the recommended and the most suitable method for submitting automatically generated picks by 3rd party applications, as it offers maximum speed and reliability. Picks are processed instantly and the corresponding orders are sent to the following bots in less than 1 second after the pick has been submitted.

    There are 2 methods that can be called in the POST server:


    Function: This method is used to submit a pick

    Post Parameters


    pick_add_success:PICK ID



    Function: This method can be used to retrieve the status of a previously submitted pick

    Post Parameters

    • key: The botid used to submit the pick
    • id: The PICK ID

    Response in JSON


    'picksubmissionresult_short': 'SHORT_RESULT_TEXT',
    'picksubmissionresult_long': 'LONG_RESULT_TEXT'


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