What types of connections are available for my VPC?


    This is the default data center connection. It is provided for free but cannot be used for bookmakers or websites that block access from non-residential IPs or monitor network setup for shared IPs, such as bet365.

    If you intend to use the VPC for accessing bet365 or other similar websites, you will need to use either a virtual/physical connection (see below for details), or install a suitable VPN/proxy on top of the data center connection. The VPN/proxy on top of the datacenter connection is the cheapest option but not completely safe. Additionally, it is not guaranteed to work since most bookmakers of this category are also blocking access from most VPNs and proxies, so you will need to find a VPN/proxy that works.

    If you only intend to access Pinnacle or websites that do not track network setup, you can use the data center connection. Although not necessary, it is advisable to also install a third-party VPN/proxy in a VPC utilizing the datacenter connection even if you are only accessing websites that do not track your network setup.


    • Unlimited traffic
    • Free to use
    • Low latency and big bandwidth


    • It is shared between all users who have selected this type of connection in their VPCs
    • It cannot be used for bet365 or similar websites that restrict access based on network setup unless you use a suitable third-party VPN or proxy on top of the datacenter connection

    VIRTUAL CONNECTIONS (residential or mobile)

    These are preinstalled residential or mobile connections in various countries in the world. They can be plugged in directly to any single one of your VPCs making the VPC appear like a regular home PC located in the corresponding country. Cost is 1 EUR per 24 hours, billed directly from your smartbet.io balance.


    • Suitable for accessing bet365 or similar websites
    • Unlimited traffic


    • Increased cost
    • Virtual connections do not belong to the smartbet.io network. This means that although they are not shared among smartbet.io users, it is possible -but not likely- that a connection can be shared with other users outside smartbet.io


    These are mobile (sim card) connections that can be installed in any country in the world. You need to order and buy the equipment set for each connection (router + modem) from smartbet.io at a one-off cost of 100 EUR. You will also need to have a place to host the equipment in the country that you are interested in and you will also need to pay your internet provider separately. Cost is 1.5 EUR per 24 hours, billed directly from your smartbet.io balance.


    • A truly dedicated connection that is reserved, used and managed exclusively by the owner


    • Increased cost
    • Requires the owner to buy and install special equipment (modem+router)
    • It cannot be set up instantly
    • Requires a physical location for hosting the connection


    Please watch the video below for a demonstration on creating and managing VPCs and connections:


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