Why does the bot report "EVENT NOT FOUND" while the event is in fact available?

    The system is trying to match picks to actual events in bookmakers based on the team names provided by the tipster and the team names used by the book.

    Often, a tipster will use a different team name than the one used by the book, for example a pick could be submitted on "ROMA - NAPOLI", while the bookmaker has "AS ROMA - NAPOLI".

    The event matching algorithm is using a custom database of team name variations and mappings, it knows, for example, that "AS ROMA" = "ROMA'.

    However, there is a possibility that an event cannot be mapped to the corresponding bookmaker event in cases such as a typo mistake or using an ambiguous or non-standard  team name, or if the database mapping is missing from our side. In these cases, the order's status will be set to "EVENT NOT FOUND".

    Although the mapping database contains 1000's of team name variations for almost all sports and leagues, it is possible that there could be missing mappings especially for lower leagues. In this case, please report the missing mapping so that it can be included in the database.

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