What affects bet placement speed?

    Bet placement speed is affected by different factors depending on type of source. Specifically:



    Picks from external sources are picked up by each user's bot by reading emails from the specified mailbox. This means that the primary factor that affects speed is the time it takes for an email to reach a user's mailbox. This in turn depends on the exact method that the sender is using to distribute emails (usually emails are sent in batches - not all in one try) and the latency between the sender's mail server  and the recipient's mail server.

    Additionally, even in the case that two users have email accounts in the same mail server and assuming that they receive the email at exactly the same moment, the email will not be picked up at the same exact moment for both, since each bot scans the user's mailbox in user defined intervals with the default refresh interval set to 1 seconds. This means that email scanning cycles between different bots will not coincide.  Who gets the pick first will be mainly decided by chance for users with identical setup and settings.

    Of course lowering the email refresh interval to 0 secs (each cycle starts immediately after the previous has ended) will yield a faster retrieval on average.



    Picks from native sources are centrally processed and the corresponding orders are simultaneously created for all following bots. Still, from the moment that orders are generated until the moment that an order is sent to the bookmaker for execution there can be a time window of between 0 and 1 seconds for each following bot. This value will be different for every pick for the same bot and is mainly decided by the specific circumstances at the moment the order is generated, ie CPU and network load in the PC that the bot is running.

    Theoretically, a more powerful CPU or low latency network connection would help in lowering the average delay, practically though they will not have a noticeable effect on bet placing speed, as the primary factor will always be circumstantial conditions.

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