Why should I use smartbet.io for submitting and verifying my picks?

    smartbet.io is the first and most popular betting automation platform with more than 2 million picks and 16 million orders processed since its inception in 2015.

    Each pick that is submitted in smartbet.io is instantly processed and the resulting bet orders are sent to authorized following bots. Depending on the availability of target book automation and user settings they will be either automatically executed or left to the user to act upon. 

    Advantages of using smartbet.io for distributing picks to followers over using conventional methods include:

    • Instant distribution of bet orders to followers. All order data is encrypted and securely delivered to each following bot for either automatic or manual execution. No emails or other notifications are sent which makes it impossible for resellers to distribute picks before legitimate followers place their bets.

    • A multitude of pick submission methods designed to suit any style and method. Tipsters can use an advanced interface to quickly locate and submit their selections while programmers can interface their proprietary applications to smartbet.io through one of our APIs. Detailed information about the smartbet.io pick submission methods is available at https://smartbet.io/faqs/view/38/how-can-i-submit-picks

    • Flexible pricing schemes for monetizing your service. Followers can be charged a % of their stakes, or a flat cost per pick, or a combination of both. Pricing is decided directly by the source owner with no involvement of smartbet.io and earnings are credited in the source owner's smartbet.io balance in real-time. Source owners keep 100% of their profits. Detailed information about smartbet.io's source pricing schemes can be found at https://smartbet.io/faqs/view/41/how-are-source-fees-calculated

    • Ability to protect prices in sensitive markets by restricting both the number of followers and stakes.

    • Detailed reports about stakes and odds taken by followers for each submitted pick. With our advanced reports and filters, you can accurately assess the impact that your picks have on the market, fine-tune your follower/max stake restrictions, and monitor the performance of each of your followers.

    • The most advanced and transparent verification that boosts client confidence. Picks are recorded and verified against real odds taken by followers which means that prospective followers can realistically judge a source based on real market data. More information on smartbet.io's pick verification model is available at https://smartbet.io/faqs/view/25/how-does-smartbet-io-s-pick-verification-work

    • Advanced criteria and filters for evaluating sources that include standard figures such as ROI, profit, number of picks, etc but also unique factors such as market liquidity the moment that a pick is submitted.

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