What are the Virtual PCs offered by smartbet.io?

    Virtual PCs can be easily created, accessed and managed by any member at https://smartbet.io/pages/myvirtualpcs.
    These are virtual PCs that have been especially designed for running your bot, but they can be also used for manual use. They can be easily accessed with Remote Desktop from any other device (PC, Mac, tablet, phone) from anywhere in the world.

    Contrary to conventional VPSs from other providers, they can be configured to use a variety of network connections, making them suitable for accessing websites that restrict access based on network setup. For all supported types of network connections, please see https://smartbet.io/faqs/view/32/what-types-of-connections-are-available-for-my-vpc
    VPCs cost 0.5 EUR per 24 hours, billed directly from your smartbet.io balance.

    Please watch the video below for a demonstration on creating and managing VPCs and connections:

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