What tipsters/sources are supported?

    There are 2 categories of sources that can be automated through smartbet.io:

    These are externally supported tipsters/sources that email their subscribers directly, such as blogabet.com, pyckio.com, betadvisor.com and many more. The bot will scan the mailbox that emails from these sources are delivered to, will read and process all emails that contain picks or pick notification from the tipsters that you are following and place the corresponding bets according to your settings. The full list of supported external services is available at https://smartbet.io/pages/external-tipsters.


    All smartbet.io members can submit picks that other members can follow automatically. Smartbet.io sources are prefixed with smb. in the bot's tipster/source add dialog box and the full list is available at https://smartbet.io/pages/tipsters. Since all picks are distributed to followers through the smartbet.io platform, there is no need to setup access details to an email account if you are only following smartbet.io sources.

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