What is the Pinnacle API refresh rate and what is the optimal value for it?

    The Pinnacle refresh rate specifies how often fixtures and markets are refreshed from Pinnacle. The default value of 240 secs means that it may take up to 4 minutes for your bot to see a new event or market. Note that the refresh rate does not affect bet placing speed, bets are always placed instantly.

    For pregame events, markets change infrequently, so a large value such as the default of 240 secs will have no impact in most cases. In live events however, new markets can be added frequently in cases of a goal being scored or any drastic development in the game. If for example a goal is scored and Pinnacle creates the market "Over 3.5 goals" that did not exist before the goal was scored and a tipster that you are following makes a pick in this market before your bot refreshes the market from Pinnacle, your bot will report that the market was not found.

    For this reason, if you are following tipsters that are placing many live bets or if you use the bot to manually place live bets you may need to consider a lower refresh rate for Pinnacle. The minimum allowed by Pinnacle is 5 secs, however it is not advised to use such a low refresh rate unless your turnover is really big.

    A low refresh rate will result in a high data transfer rate with Pinnacle. Pinnacle's fair use policy states that API usage must be proportionate to wagering activity so the lower your refresh rate, the bigger your turnover must be.

    Based on empirical data, you could safely use refresh rates down to 25-30 secs, provided that you place an average of 200-300 EUR worth of bets daily. A refresh rate of 25-30 secs would also mean that your bot would pick up a new market or event very fast, so you would be able to follow comfortably the vast majority of live picks.

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