How do I use the bot to automatically follow tipsters and place my own bets?

First, you will need to download, install and setup your bot. For instructions on instaling/upgrading your bot, see
After launching the application, you will need to activate your bot with a unique BOTID, setup the access details to your bookmaker accounts and email account and finally add teh tipsters/sources that you want to follow to your followed tipsters list. 

There are 3 categories of bets that the bot can place for you:

1. Automated bets based on picks that are received by email from external supported sources, such as,,, and many more. The bot will scan your mailbox in defined intervals and will read and process all emails that contain picks or pick notification from the tipsters that you are following.

2. Automated bets based on picks of the tipsters (smb.*) that you have added to your bot. If you only intend to follow tipsters, you do not need to setup your email with the bot, since all picks are retrieved through the platform.

3. Manual bets. These can be either your own bets or bets based on picks from any source that is not supported by the bot. You can locate and place a bet much more quickly than you would by using a bookmaker website. All your bet details are automatically tracked, so that you can have all your stats for all bets in the same place.
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