How can I submit picks?

Picks can be submitted with different methods:

Submission by email
Picks can be submitted by sending emails to from the email address registered at This method is particularly suited to members who either are already running an email service and are looking to offer automation to their subscribers or for users utilizing automated scripts for pick generation.

Submission via the bot
Any member can utilize the bot to easily locate and submit a pick on any of the offered events.

Submission via the website
Similarly to the previous option, a pick can be quickly located and submitted with an intuitive and fast interface.

Regardless of submission method, picks are processed and distributed to following bots instantly. Order execution results by following bots is available in real time at and if the pick and advised price are available the pick will also be recorded in the tipster's picks records.
Posted in FAQ - Submitting picks on August 12 2019 at 07:39 PM

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