What are physical connections? Do I need one?

Physical connections are internet connections that can be plugged in to any of your VPCs. The difference with the default datacenter internet connection is that physical connections will have a residential/mobile IP which will make the VPC utilising that connection to be suitable for connecting to websites that track or profile network setup and possibly restrict access based on the connection type used.

If you intend running a bot that targets Pinnacle you will NOT need a physical connection. The standard shared datacenter connection that is provided for free would be enough, although it is recommended to also install a VPN or proxy in your VPC.

If you target bet365 or other websites that track your network setup and block access from non-residential IPs, you have 2 options:

  • Install a VPN or proxy on your VPC. This is a cheap option but not completely safe. Additionally, it is not guaranteed to work since most bookmakers of this category are also blocking access from most VPNs and proxies, so you will need to find a VPN/proxy that works.

  • Use a physical connection in your VPC. This is the safest option, as your VPC will appear to be located physically in the same location with the physical connection.


If you decide to use a physical connection you have 2 further options:

  • Use a preinstalled physical connection. These are connections that have been installed by smartbet.io in various countries and are leased to members at a rate of 3 EUR per each 24 hour period.

  • Install your own physical connections in any country in the world. In this case you need to order and buy the equipment set for each connection (router + modem) from us at a one-off cost of 100 EUR. You will also need to have a place to host the equipment in the country that you are interested in and also you will need to pay your internet provider separately. The rate for member owned connections is 1.5 EUR per each 24 hour period.

First option is straight forward but the availability of connections cannot be guaranteed, as a connection can only be used by one member at any time and can be kept by a user indefinitely. The second option requires an upfront cost and a few days to install the connection, but is cheaper and availability is guaranteed as connections are always reserved for their owner.

To order your own physical connections, please contact us.

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