What are the Virtual PCs offered by smartbet.io?

Virtual PCs can be easily created, accessed and managed by any member at https://smartbet.io/pages/myvirtualpcs.
These are PCs that have been especially designed for running your bot, but they can be equally useful for manual use. After created, they can be easily accessed with Remote Desktop from any other device (PC, Mac, tablet, phone) from anywhere in the world.

A VPC can be configured to use either a shared "datacenter" connection or a physical connection. The type of connection for a particular VPC can be changed anytime through the VPC control panel at https://smartbet.io/pages/myvirtualpcs.
The default datacenter connection is provided for free. VPCs that utilize this type of connection have a datacenter IP which in most cases will not be suitable for accessing bookmaker or tipster websites. For this reason, it is strongly advised that a VPN or other similar software is installed on top. Still, this solution may not be suitable for VPCs targeting "soft" books that usually block access from VPNs, proxies, etc. 
These are residential connections that can be installed in any country in the world. As these connections appear like any home or mobile connection they are suitable to use with VPCs that will target bookmakers or websites that track network setup and restrict access from any connection that does not look like a regular residential IP. A VPC that is plugged to a physical connection will look exactly like a normal PC that is connected in a regular dsl or mobile connection in the country that the physical connection is installed.

A VPC costs 0.5 EUR per each 24 hour period and this cost is charged automatically from your smartbet.io balance unitl you delete the VPC.
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