Why use smartbet.io for submitting my picks?

Smartbet.io is the first and most popular betting automation platform with more than 2 million orders processed since its inception in 2015 and thousands of active users looking and willing to pay for quality information.

There are many advantages for using smartbet.io for distributing your picks to followers over using conventional tipster platforms, including:

  • Picks are instantly distributed to your followers and corresponding bets are placed automatically in less than 1 second after the pick is submitted. No emails or other notifications are sent which leaves no time for possible resellers to re-distribute picks. If a reseller did decide to forward your picks, he would have to manually input and send pick info and his subscribers would receive the pick long after market value was taken by your legitimate followers and any market impact had been made, essentially distributing worthless information.

  • No need having a schedule for publishing picks, or send out advance notifications, or be concerned about the time zone of your followers, or keep them waiting for picks. Just submit your picks whenever the opportunity arises and all your legitimate followers will have the corresponding bet instantly placed to their bookmaker accounts.

  • Flexible pricing schemes for monetizing your service. Followers can be charged either as a % of their stakes, or a flat cost per pick, or a combination of both. Pricing is decided directly by you with no involvement of smartbet.io, earnings are credited in your smartbet.io balance in real time and you keep 100% of profit. The ability to charge followers by a % of their stakes means that even lower stake users can follow your picks, something that might not be justified by their stake size and expected profit with flat subscription schemes.

  • Ability to protect prices in sensitive markets by limiting both number of followers and max stakes.

  • Detailed reports about stakes and odds taken by your followers for each pick that you submit, so that you can both accurately assess the impact that your picks have on the market and fine tune your follower/max stake limits and also monitor the performance of each of your followers.

  • The most advanced and transparent verification for your service. Picks are recorded based on odds taken by your followers which means that prospective followers can realistically judge your service based on real bets data.

  • Advanced criteria and filters for comparing tipsters that apart from standard figures such as ROI, profit, number of picks, etc also include unique factors such as market liquidity the moment that a pick is submitted.
Posted in FAQ - Submitting picks on July 18 2019 at 06:06 PM

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