How much does it cost?

Bet placement fees depend on book used and type of bet (auto/manual), specifically:



Pinnacle/Asians: 0.25% of stake

Bet365/Euro books: 1% of stake



Pinnacle/Asians: 0.10% of stake

Bet365/Euro books: 0.40% of stake


Fees are charged from your balance. You can deposit and withdraw from your balance with Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. All your financial transactions are available online in real time at


Note that these are the bet placing fees. Depending on the tipsters/sources that you are following you may incur additional fees charged and decided directly by the source owner/tipster. Tipster fees or premium fees for externally supported sources are clearly displayed when adding a source to your bot. collects these fees on behalf of tipsters and pays them off 100% to them. Any price increases in tipster/premium fees will take effect in 7 days after initiated by tipster and you will be informed with multiple emails during this period for any pending price increases for tipsters that you are following.

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