How does's pick verification work?

Contrary to most pick verification platforms, picks submitted in are verified against market and price availability at the moment that a bet is placed. This means that a pick submitted will be recorded only if at least one following bot manages to place the corresponding bet at the same book and with the same or better price than the quoted price. Specifically, the data reported by the first bot that manages to successfully place a bet on a pick will be used to record the pick to the tipster's profile. If, for whatever reason, no bets are placed by any of the following bots or the taken price is lower than the advised price, the pick will not be recorded.

This approach has the following advantages over conventional pick verification by other platforms:

  • Total transparency. Picks are verified against real market prices and availabilty.
  • The most accurate and realistic assessment of what is practically achievable by following a tipster. Tipster's stats are based on actual follower bet results - not on what a tipster submits.
  • Ability to submit picks with odds that may not be available at the time of pick submission but may drift to that level later on. If the target price is never reached, bets would not be placed and the pick would simply not be recorded.
Posted in FAQ - General on July 17 2019 at 12:19 PM

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