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  • enemyno1
    Good afternoon,

    I'd like to introduce you all to a brand new Horse Racing service that I've put into production today. There are no other services that cater for this sport, as far as I can tell.

    The service will be a high-volume one that will run seven days a week. The model computes its first iteration for the day's races at 07:30 GMT, after which picks will begin to be placed. The pricing model harnesses the latest in machine learning, which is just a fancy way of saying it's able to consu...  more
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    • enemyno1
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  • enemyno1
    Is everyone’s Bet365 bot offline, or is it just mine? Been a couple of days now.
  • enemyno1
    Hi all,

    Just wondering what the common view was regarding fees and the impact profitability. Seeing as they aren't a fixed nominal percentage, the issue scales alongside stakes.

    If I'm following a bot with £10 stakes and on average the bot places 50 bets, I'm paying 0.20p per bet (10p for placing, 10 to the bot). That's £10 a day in fees. For the month that ends up at £310.

    Betting at £10 I would turnover £15,500 per month. At a 5% ROI that's a profit of £775

    Minus fees it's £465.

    So, ac...  more
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    • tango
    • enemyno1
  • enemyno1
    Hi Tango,

    Is it possible to get a botID for USD currency please?